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Energy That Works for You

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Welcome to DES Technologies

Darwin Electrical Solutions is all about evolving your space using simple technologies. Please use the Contact Form on this page to request information, setup a free quote, or simply inquire as to how we can best help you manage your electrons. Whether it is a large scale commercial project or upgrading your private home, we are committed to doing a high-end professional job on all of your projects. We enjoy a challenge! Don't hesitate to reach out. 


Your Energy Management Company

Based out of El Prado, NM, Darwin Electrical Solutions is an energy management company that enables electrons to work for you. DES is on the cutting edge of integrated systems and technologies. We also specialize in building large scale industrial and commercial electrical systems. By utilizing intelligent systems you can maximize energy efficiency of passive solar through lighting control, shades and smart thermostat. Intelligent housing designs can also set desired moods enabling greater comfort in your home or office. Whether you want the ability to redecorate your home with the push of a button, standard electrical work done right, or a large scale industrial project, DES has the ability and resources to meet your needs. 


Darwin Electrical and DES Technologies

Darwin Electrical Solutions is a team of skilled professionals. At DES we enjoy our trade and work hard to be the best at what we do. Regardless of the task or project size, commercial or residential, we continue to treat each job with the utmost care. DES offers a number of design and installation services. We specialize in modern technology systems for both commercial and residential environments.  We offer full-service project management from design to install.  We enjoy meeting with clients to determine their specific needs and create a complete electrical solution.

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We want to hear from you. Please use the request form to schedule a service call or to contact us with any questions or comments you may have about our work, website, or company in general. We will respond within two business days because your input is appreciated and valuable.

Please provide as much information as possible. Any additional information that will help us prepare your quote, answer your question, or better help us assist you. Happy to create pricing for your upcoming project. We have a initial fee of $250.00 for consulting and engineering, this may be applied towards project if hired. Average service call starts at $150.00.

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