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Excellent Article on the future of building intelligence

From Electrical Contractor Magazine, February 2017

Part of building intelligence’s foothold comes from the smartphone, which has made building owners, occupants and contractors more comfortable with wireless intelligence. The growth in smart-device technology is revolutionizing and simplifying the way systems are programmed. The ability to perform programming and adjustments from a tablet or smartphone rather than at the device itself—or with a proprietary programming tool—greatly simplifies the operation.

“These apps set the stage for cloud and IoT connectivity, enabling further building intelligence, monitoring and control,” Leonard said. 

Automation solutions include advancements in LED lighting, apps and cloud technology, which are driving controls and intelligence from the mechanical or electrical room into the building space and into the lighting fixtures themselves. With LEDs driving down lighting loads to a fraction of what they were with previous light sources, high-ampacity control devices capable of handling the full lighting-circuit load are no longer necessary. That allows controls to reside in the cloud. 

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